Clutch Housings/Ring Gear Carriers

Clutch housings typically have splines with an internal function but can be found with internal / external active splines. Clutch cylinders are housings with an integral piston function. TransForm manufactures these components using Roller Die Forming, Grob and Flowforming

Clutch Hubs

Clutch hubs have an external spline function and may integrate a carrier function. TransForm manufactures these components using roller Die Forming, Grob, Flowforming, and Broaching.

Clutch Drums

Clutch Drums, have a smooth OD band interface and internal spline. The internal spline can be flowfomed into the housing or attached as part of a multipiece assembly.


Pinion carriers are typically multipiece assemblies incorporating a number of stampings or a combination of stampings, forgings and powder metal components. TransForm manufactures many carrier components, some with integrated splines.

Pistons, Torque Converter Pistons

Pistons provide a selectable engagement function in the torque converter to lockup the turbine and impeller components for improved fuel economy. Many pistons are ground and balanced for performance and function.


Bringing a clutch housing or hub together with a shaft or machined hub is second nature to TransForm. We have multiple laser weld assembly stations performing lap and butt joint welds.

Materials Selection

Final material selection is determined by FEA results and formability. TransForm Automotive partners with potential customers to determine the formability of parts based on geometry, function and tolerance requirements.

Materials used by TransForm range from low carbon (SAE J403 1006) to high-strength (SAE J2340 420XF) as well as aluminum grades 5052 and 6061 and stainless steel. Components produced by TransForm exhibit increased strength and hardness properties which enhance durability.